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« Justinian Lawyers Belgium is an independent business law firm with a well recognized reputation in arbitration, EU trade law (dumping and customs law), competition, as well as international business law.

Justinian Lawyers Belgium is based in Brussels, and has secondary offices in Paris and Luxemburg.

We are a founding member of Justinian Lawyers international, an association of law firms established in the main countries of the world. Our association is born when some sixty independent law firms, having co-operated with each other for more than ten years, have decided to join their efforts to offer a better global service to their clients.

Our firm’s motto is: « we like it when it’s complicated ».



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New website (4/29/2016) - Time to start with the new website…still in the making.
Fereira decision (4/29/2016) - In its recent Fereira decision, the EU Court of Justice has limited the hypothesis in which a national jurisdiction is allowed to refuse to ask a prejudicial question to the ECJ. Read the comment prepared by Elodie Graindorge.